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The American Bobtail 'Bobby'

So you want an American Bobtail? The legend is that American Bobtails are the progeny of crossbreeding between a domestic tabby and the wild bobcat. And voila! The result is this amazing yet uncommon breed of domestic cat. It is recognized by having a short stubby “bobbed” tail, a shaggy sometimes dense coat and a somewhat wild, sturdy and robust appearance. The tail is the result of a cat body type dominant genetic mutation which affects the development of the tail; similar to that of the Manx cat.

Although the lovely American Bobtail has a low maintenance coat, you will still need to brush a couple of times a week so that it does not tangle or mat. Many cats love being groomed and this can be part of a bonding process especially if given at the same daily like first thing in the morning or upon return from outside.


American Bobtails are playful cats and moderately energetic (shorter legs remember). And it is rumored they make very good therapy cats.And as with most cats, they can be sociable when introduced to an environment that is peaceful, stimulating and safe. This cat can thrive in a household with children who can treat this graceful beauty politely and respectfully. Always introduce any pets, even other cats, slowly and in a controlled setting.


Hair - The American Bobtail has short, fine hair which allows for easy care. Shedding is low and combing or brushing can be done maybe twice a week.

Teeth – The use of small finger toothbrushes can help keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy. An annual check at the vets will also pick up on anything that might need professional attention.

Nails – Now, be careful with this one. Cat’s nails are live so there is the potential to cause pain especially if the nail is dark and you cannot see clearly to differentiate live areas from ‘safe’ areas to clip. Probably best to schedule a visit to your vets or local shelter where there will be someone trained to carry out this procedure. I clipped my cats nail tips while she sat in the sink about once a fortnight. She would only allow me to clip her front ones and would happily bite her back paw nails at her leisure.

Clean – You can use a soft cloth and wipe the eye area. Use a separate area of the cloth for each eye so that you don’t spread any infection. Gently wipe out ears, warm water is fine. Never poke or use cotton buds (Q-tips) inside the ears.

Litter Box – Keep the trays meticulously clean and have more than one (if possible). Remember to keep trays away from food areas.

Roam or not to roam – It’s a good idea to keep your lovely inside, apart from attacks from other cats or dogs or traffic dangers, such a beauty might be stolen. If you’re going to allow roaming, remember to microchip and use a collar with an ID

Beware! The Bobby’s is very addictive. Once you have had one, you may find you need more of them!

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