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Welcome to Quietly Feral

We have coexisted with cats for millennia and our fascination with them has not waned. We admire their way of being and peculiarities and we feel well around them.

Any person who owns a cat can state that they also look for our company and need us. However, even though the coexistence between us and cats has lasted centuries, this gorgeous species is still a being with very specific needs, which we must satisfy.

Therefore it was important for us to develop a website that was, before anything else, exclusively for cats!


At Quietly Feral we are friends and keepers of cats. We have personal experiences searching the internet for products to keep our cats happy and healthy. So what better than a place where cat owners can find what's needed to provide a fun and safe environment for their feline friends.

We want our customers to enjoy the browsing experience at Butler and Milk and stock products that will give you, and your cats years of joy and playful memories.

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