Contribute to the solution

Purchase your cat products at Butler & Milk and be part of the good news about animal welfare!

Want to know how? And why your purchase is appreciated by vets, cats and cat owners worldwide?

This is because Butler & Milk Giving Back Program donates a portion of all purchases to International Cat Care (ICC). ICC collaborates with charities to help fund feline training centers that run courses on Trap Neuter and Return (TNR), humane handling and restraint, pre & post-operative care, anesthetic and pain management for cats.

They have collaborated with projects in;

  • Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESCO);

  • University and Technology, Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Ministry of Animal Resources, Sudan;

  • Plataforma Gatera cat welfare charity in Barcelona, Spain ; 

  • Animals de Rua, Portugal;

  • Mayhew Community Cat Clinic, London;

  • Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) International Veterinary Training Centre in Tamil Nadu, India;

  • ACT Asia for Animals, China;

  • Community Cats Network (CCN) in Ireland

  • Lithuanian charity PIFAS;

  • Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation in Greece.

International Cat Care continues to work with organisations to train, educate people in humane population management of cats around the world.

If you want to also make contributions to our other partner the RSPCA, you can do so by clicking the button on the bottom of our page.

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Butler & Milk are always seeking projects or people who are dedicated to animal welfare. Check out our Facebook Page for updates on other projects and details on how you too can contribute to the good news in animal welfare and conservation.