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Me, You & Kitty Too! Emigrating to Antigua & Barbuda

Cool Milk Please

Emigrating with your cats does not have to be a daunting experience. We moved with our three cats to Bermuda in 2015, and thankfully everything went smoothly. Everyone kept asking us about the expense and how our cats managed with the stress and change of environment. So far they are loving the sights and sounds. We thought we would compile short but helpful guides to help others through the steps to emigrate with your loved furries.

So you’ve decided to move to the warm balmy climate of Antigua & Barbuda and you’re taking your cat with you! What an adventure! Antigua & Barbuda, or Waddadli as it is affectionately known, is lorded for its 365 beautiful beaches, yes one for every day of the year. So what do you need?

What’s most important, and will assist in keeping your anxiety levels low is having your pet’s vaccination and inoculation records complete and up to date also important is vaccinating your cat within the much specified deadlines that is required before travel. Moving to another country is stressful enough, (we know first hand) and you will have a list of things to remember. Below is a simple timeline with helpful contact details to help you stay organized and informed.


To travel to Antigua, if your cat is not already Microchipped, getting this procedure arranged as soon as possible would be a good start. The microchip must be ISO 11784/11785 compliant. This is just a 15 digit number that is not encrypted. If your microchip is not ISO compliant you will need to provide your own microchip pet scanner upon arrival at the destination airport.


Cats entering Antigua from rabies infected countries (such as United States of America or Canada), MUST have been vaccinated within the year before travel. As the United Kingdom is country declared by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) as rabies free, an additional Rabies Titer test is not required.

In addition to Rabies, your cat must be vaccinated against:

  • FIP Feline Infectious Peritonitis

  • FeLV Feline Leukemia Virus

  • FIV Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Antiguan Health Certificate (Import Certificate)

Within 7 days of travel, a licensed veterinarian must have examined and endorsed an Antigua & Barbuda Health Certificate which cost $18.50 (as July 2017)

If you are entering Antigua & Barbuda from the UK, you will also receive the following items

  • Veterinary health Certificate

  • Airline Health Certificate

  • Import Permit

  • Pet Passport Folder

Export health Certificate

You will also need an Export Health Certificate from the Country of origin. In the UK, contact Department of Animal & Plant Health Agency

This document also needs to be signed and endorsed by a licensed veterinarian

Internal and External Parasites

Also, 7 days before travel, your cat must be treated for internal and external parasites and tapeworm and this must be recorded on their health record by the veterinarian. Have these documents available for inspection also.

Cat Anxiety

You may be anxious about your cat being in the holding area during the journey. You can purchase calming here at Butler & Milk spraying their favorite toy with some cat nip and placing in the travel crate may also help.

Ask your vet if they can suggest anything that could assist with keeping your cat calm during the flight.

Notify 48 hours before travel.

Notify the Veterinary & Livestock Division at of your flight details, how many pets you’re importing. They may also require that you scan or fax them copies of any documents. By this stage, you should have all the documents you need for travel.

Veterinary & Livestock Division

Ministry of Agriculture


St Johns Antigua

Tel: 460 1759

Upon Arrival

A Veterinary Inspection fee is required EC Dollars 130 or US$ 50.

Please contact Antigua & Barbuda, Ministry of Agriculture for further information on travelling to beautiful Antigua with your cat.

Bon voyage! Butler & Milk

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