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KatKabin DezRez Outdoor Cat House, Chocolate

KatKabin DezRez Outdoor Cat House, Chocolate

SKU: BRNS1058901758408

Quietly Feral loves Premium KatKabin Premium range gives yourcat the freedom it needs to spend time outdoors while you're at work or whileyou're asleep, while also providing comfort, safety and shelter for your peaceof mind. The luxurious outdoor cat house gives your cat all the comfort and safetyit is used to indoors, the KatKabin Premium is an ingenious and quite simplywonderful home from home for your fabulous feline. Standing above the ground,it provides a warm, cosy and shaded insulated den for napping, or waiting foryou. Your cat is protected from the weather and is safe and relaxed until youreturn in a sturdy and purpose-made home. The opening also has a conventionalclip-on cat flap that can be attached or removed depending on the season oryour cat's preference.


  • Color: Chocolate Brown
  • Weight: 10 lbs
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