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The One Cat Tower

The One Cat Tower


Do not compromise the style of your house. THE ONE allows you to. A home for your cat and a gem in any room.


It can be used as a comfortable platform for observation, as a jumping platform or as a resistant scratcher. Inside there is an opening that goes through the whole height of the tower. In this way your pet has multiple options for playing and crawling. The back side is covered in hemp, so that the cats can also climb the tree from the outside.

THE ONE is an attraction point that individually improves any modern decoration. It combines lifestyle with durability and usefulness.


Each THE ONE will receive a top-quality object that will give pleasure to both you and your cat. Each cat tree is designed by specialists, making it an expensive and elaborated piece of work.


Due to its weight THE ONE is very stable and does not need to be fixed on the wall. The MDF is varnished with white scratch resistant varnish. The hemp is also found in two interior walls, one exterior wall and on the platforms.


 Large :  34 x 56 x160 cm   Weight: ca. 45 kg


Extra Large: 40 x 64 x 176 cm   Weight: ca. 55 kg

  • Inspect on delivery

    This product is shipped from our friends in Switzerland. So that you are happy with your purchase please inspect the following:


    Transport damage:    Please check the condition of the cat tower at the time of receipt before signing the certificate of receipt just in case any damage has been caused during transit. If there is any damage, please make a note of it and write this on the receipt. Without this note you cannot get a refund for any shipping and transportation damage.


    Guarantee:     In the event of a defect, we are entitled to a later delivery of a product or repair according to your convenience. If the repair fails or the product delivered later is also faulty, you are entitled to return the product and get a refund for the agreed price or price reduction.


    Right of withdrawal:   Ordered are binding, and delivered goods cannot be returned

  • Sizes

    Large  =   Size: 34 x 56 x160 cm           Weight: ca. 45 kg


    Extra Large  =  Size: 40 x 64 x 176 cm   Weight: ca. 55 kg



  • Handmade

    Trust in a real handmade piece.


    We know that the piece of furniture we manufacture is going to be for your cat throughout its life. This is why we refuse to mass produce our products. Together with THE ONE, you will receive a cat tree that has been produced for you with a lot of dedication. And if you wish for it, we can create a customised THE ONE following your specifications. 


    Hemp is not the same as hemp

    As a natural product, the hemp is ideal to coexist with cats. But the excellent qualities of the material are effective if the fabric is good quality and if it is treated with diligence. This is the reason why all the hemp surfaces on THE ONE are surprisingly robust, resistant and easily cleaned. The insulating effect creates pleasant and warm places for our friends to rest and play. The natural material also creates very nice environments in your home.


    MDF – for many happy years

    The structure of all THE ONE trees have been created with strong MDF planks (Medium Density Fibre). The planks surface will be lacquered with a highly resistant varnish, including protection against scratches. This professional and exact manufacturing process guarantees a good quality and durable product.

  • How You Can Help

    Our giving back program allows us at Butler & Milk to donate part of our profits that come from your purchases to animal charities.  We consider our pets to be members of our family and they are an inspiration the work and fun we have at Butler & Milk.  Unfortunately, many animals lack a loving home and are victims of abuse and neglect. We are thankful for the pet shelters, TNR schemes and charitable organisations that are committed to providing care and treatment to animals.  


    All over the UK, there are amazing non-profit, no-kill shelters and trap neuter and return projects that provide outstanding services to our, pets, wildlife and communities. These shelters can only continue to operate with donations and volunteers, so they often need as much help as we can all give. 


    So make a purchase or donation today!