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Freshflow Pet Fountain Replacement Filters

Freshflow Pet Fountain Replacement Filters

SKU: 3P-24899

Freshflow Pet Fountain Replacement water filters. These filters fit the new version 1.5L and 3.0L freshflow pet fountan by Petmate. Supplied in a pack of 2.

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    Our giving back program allows us at Butler & Milk to donate part of our profits that come from your purchases to animal charities.  We consider our pets to be members of our family and they are an inspiration the work and fun we have at Butler & Milk.  Unfortunately, many animals lack a loving home and are victims of abuse and neglect. We are thankful for the pet shelters, TNR schemes and charitable organisations that are committed to providing care and treatment to animals.  All over the UK, there are amazing non-profit, no-kill shelters and trap neuter and return projects that provide outstanding services to our, pets, wildlife and communities. These shelters can only continue to operate with donations and volunteers, so they often need as much help as we can all give. 


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