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Catissa Geobed

Catissa Geobed


Introducing the award winning Geobed – a modern icosahedral cat bed. 


Catissa Geobed – a cozy, stylish and easy to assemble place to sleep for your pets. The Geobed accommodates all breeds of cat. We’re pleased to announce that Catissa Geobed won Design&Design Award.


Sheepskin cushion included and free gift from Butler & Milk.
Available colors: Natural, White, Black.
Materials: natural birch plywood finished with water based varnish, sheepskin (or faux fur).


Free gift and free UK delivery with every purchase!

  • How to introduce your cat to their new cat caves

    Some cats may need gentle introduction to their new cat beds. If they're anything like ours, they might just prefer the box!


    Nevertheless, Butler & Milk suggests to first, give some time and space to your cat to get used to new bed; do not force into it. Take away the previous bed before introducing the new bed. Then, you can change the cushion that comes with the bed for an old blanket and put some toys inside too or some catnip. You can also add one of your old t-shirts with your smell inside the cave to reassure your kitty.

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    Remember, purchases at Butler & Milk help make a difference to organisations’ that care for cats. Like our Facebook Page, and let us know about your purchase, and the organisation/charity you would like to nominate for a donation. We’d love to support your cause.