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Cat Ears Bowl

Cat Ears Bowl

SKU: 6897

Sweet and Simple cat bowl.


Ceramic, stainless steel or melamine dishes are better choices for your cat as they do not absorb odours which may deter your cat from eating. Always check your bowls for any scratches or chips which could harbor bacteria or hurt the cat’s mouth.

  • Butler & Milk tip!


    • Always use a shallow sided dish. High sided bowls can cause cats discomfort as their whiskers have to bend to fit in the dish. Short faced breeds such as Persians will especially benefit from shallow bowls. Butler & Milk stock a variety of bowls for you to choose which one suits your cat.


    • Separate bowls are preferable to ‘double bowls’; Cats don’t like to have their water next to their food as it can become contaminated with bits of food or odour.


    • Ceramic, stainless steel or melamine dishes are the best choice for cats. Plastic bowls can absorb odours and deter cats from eating or drinking.


    • Always check bowls for scratches and chips which could harbour bacteria, or hurt the cat’s mouth.


    • In multiple cat households, each cat should have their own set of bowls.


    • Don’t place the bowls in a ‘high traffic’ area of the house where the cat may feel threatened, and ensure the bowls are not placed next to or near litter trays!
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